Thursday, December 4, 2014

I Already Have That

Have you seen those annoyingly terrible Geico commercials lately that feature the "Well, did you know...." dumb endings? I dislike them immensely, but, unfortunately, one of them will help illustrate my thought for today so I'm going to reference it anyway.

Point Geico. Ugh.

The individual commercial from the horrendous series is one in which the question is posed, "Well, did you know that genies are very literal?" It then shows a guy finding a genie in a bottle and wishing for a million bucks. The screen then fills with male deer, and the man is truly disappointed when he realizes his poor diction. He got EXACTLY what he wished for, it just wasn't in the way he wanted it. He wanted money. He got bucks. Hardy har har.

I've been thinking about how that happens in life to so many of us. We want, wish, and pray for certain things and sometimes don't even recognize our blessings when we receive them because they don't turn out how we expected.

When I was younger, I wanted to be somebody special. I wanted to be a household name. I don't know why, really. I just did. I wanted everybody to know my name.

I always thought it would happen if I became a famous author, which I really wanted. Although, to be a famous author, you have to write something worth publishing, and I haven't quite worked that part out yet. So I thought, at least for now, that my dreams would go unfulfilled. Until recently, that is, when I looked at my life and realized that I already have what I have always wanted.

I am special. Not to everyone, of course, but to the people who love me, I am special. There is only one of me (and for the good of the world, I really think that's best). I'm a little weird, but my quirks make me different. They may me special. Boom. Done.

I have a household name. Everybody knows my name. That happened the moment my name changed from Kathryn to Mama. Everybody knows Mama, or Mom, or whatever else mothers are called. I have a household name.

This isn't exactly how I pictured things when I was younger and hoping for them.

This is better.

I might yet successfully pull one of the stories out of my head and publish a book one day. But even if that never happens, even if nobody beyond my own friends and family ever recognizes the name on my driver's license, that's okay. I already have everything I ever wanted...and a little more.

So, what about you? Are you still asking for something that God already gave you?