Friday, July 19, 2013

And Just Where, Pray Tell, Have I Been??

My last post was in September. It is now July. Holy crap on a cracker. Where did the time go?

Well, hmmm, let me think about that. I was a first year teacher and soccer coach. Between lesson plans, practices, games, meetings, parent teacher conferences, and actual classroom time, I barely had time to do anything else. And, in all fairness, what little extra time I did have I wanted to spend with my family and friends in real life. I enjoy writing my cathartic blog, don't get me wrong, but I find myself in a shrinking minority that actually still values face to face interaction over the likes of social networking online.

So, after soccer season ended and I at least got that time commitment back, what happened then? Well, after the season ended, I gave myself a small window of time to just be a teacher and wife. All of you out there who look at teachers and say things like "How hard can it be? I mean you get off of work at 3:30 and get summers off?" are rolling your eyes right now because you have NO IDEA how the job takes over your life. School may be out at 3:30, but it was truly rare for me to leave the building before 6. And I took more work home with me more often than not. That is the life of a first year teacher. You have to build so much from scratch, you end up giving up a lot of personal time. The good news is that surviving the first year earns you a badge of honor among other teachers. As for summer vacation, trust me, I earned EVERY LAST SECOND. I love (most of - let's be honest) those kids, and my job, but I work hard to give them my best and still have something left at the end of the day for me. A parent of one of my students put it like this: "I have four kids. I love them, they are my flesh and blood. I wouldn't trade them for the world. However, during the summer I get a small taste of what you get for the rest of the year. I only have four of them and they can be overwhelming. You have exponentially more to deal with all day and you can't put a bedroom door between you when you need a minute. You are locked in a room with them all day. God bless you." I love her for saying that.

So when I had rested and given myself a small recovery time, then what? What was my new excuse, exactly? Pregnancy. I was/am beyond thrilled to be starting a family with my husband. We have talked about it for a while and now here we are. We have a son on the way. I'm going to be a mom. I am so excited, but I have been ridiculously tired. The official pregnancy symptom term is, of course, fatigue. All I know is that it makes me completely zonk out every time I get still. In all of my pregnancy books and apps, etc, I am told that during the second trimester you get this "burst" of energy. I am just a few weeks shy of starting the third trimester and I have yet to experience said energy burst. I think I have been lied to. However, now that I am getting ready for my little bundle of joy (and crying, laughing, smiling, dirty diapers, screaming fits, and sleepless nights), I have found a wealth of new topics to discuss with you.

Be forewarned, though: When the baby comes, I will most likely, once again, take a hiatus from the blog world. I'm a first time mom. Let's just be real. I'll be in way over my head and have very little time for anything else. Surely, though, when I return to bloggerdom my stories will be cuter and funnier. Until then, sit back and enjoy my random and intermittent posts (or rants) about all things pre-baby.