Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My Newest Creation

So my last post was about how Pinterest is killing my productivity because the only thing it makes me productive in doing is creating things that I didn't REALLY need in the first place. Well, now that the "new" of it all has started to run it's course, I still check in when I feel like it, and I still try to make a couple of things I think I might be able to handle, but I'm starting to get back to normal and get, for lack of a better way to put it, real things done.

Like I said, though, I still try to make some things I see on the site. Well, over the last couple of days I tried to make something I saw that was cute. I was making new straps for flip flops that looked really cute. Well, they looked cute in the pictures. What I made? Yeah, not so much. Meaning I was a miserable failure at that particular craft. I didn't want to give up though, I mean, I would LIVE in flip flops if it was acceptable to wear them on all occasions, so the more cute options you have the better. Well, I didn't want to ruin a pair that I already had, so I bought a cheap pair at the local Dollar General to try this new trick on. When it didn't work out, it seemed quite a shame to let a perfectly good pair of flip flops go to waste, but the straps were covered in hot pink flowers, and pink is not my color. Mostly because I'm not crazy about it. So what to do?

Well, you might not know this about me, but I crochet. Not always incredibly well, mind you, but I do. It has been a few years, but I am starting to do more of it again and I had just purchased a ball of camo yarn at Hobby Lobby. That's right, camo. Don't judge me. I live in Mississippi and that's how I roll. Anyway, I had a thought and decided to give it a try.

I started by crocheting a long chain (just a run of the mill chain, nothing special). I didn't count the stitches, but you need a lot of them. The chain needs to be quite long. The good news is that making a crochet chain is simple and quick.

Next I wrapped the the chain around the flip flop straps, securing it with a glue gun as I went.

I used one of those inexpensive mini-glue guns from Hobby Lobby.

And Voila! Cute, camo, crocheted flip flop straps.

The yarn is soft on my feet and I dig 'em. You may not be a camouflage kind of person, but this could work with really any color or color patterned yarn, really. It's a quick craft that you can finish in one afternoon, and if you don't secure it with hot glue, but with something else, theoretically you could swap about the strap covers depending on what you wanted that day.

Take THAT Pinterest!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Productivity, I Have Met Thy Killer and Its Name is Pinterest

Recently, I got an invitation to join Pinterest. I like to do easy crafts and to try new recipes on occasion, so I thought it would be pretty fun. I wasn't wrong. It is definitely fun to try the new things I see on the site, the only problem is it's a little too fun. I could spend hours on the site going through all the ideas that other people have posted, not to mention adding my own internet finds to share with others.

And by, "I could spend hours," what I really mean is "I have already spent hours." Just so we're clear. My only problem now is that I have way more recipes and craft ideas than I'm really ever likely to try. But does that mean I have stopped looking? Absolutely not. Seriously, I know I should, but the site is addictive.

Seriously, if you haven't become a part of it yet, I don't know whether to tell you to try it because it is so fun, or tell you to stay away because it is such a time suck. I will sign on at night after dinner just to see if there are any new cute ideas that have been posted and before I know it, over an hour has passed. And it's worse than being addicted to a TV show, because I don't have to wait for a certain night of the week, because it is available 24/7.

I guess, on the flip side, it may take up a lot of my time, but at least it also gives me an incentive to be productive. Unfortunately, it only motivates me to be productive regarding projects on the site, and not projects I already have that are unrelated to Pinterest. I have already tried a few things that I liked on the site and they have turned out pretty well so far. Of course, all the things I have tried have been beyond simple. I am half excited about and half dreading the more difficult projects because of the higher percentage chance of a complete fail, but also one of something really cute to put in my house.

So you see my dilemma. The site makes me lose track of time and my addiction to it grows every day. On the other hand, I have learned a couple of useful things and even made some successful tries at cute crafty things. I don't know whether it is good or bad. I do know that the following is true though: "There is no limit to the things you can accomplish when you are supposed to be doing something else." By the way, I saw that on Pinterest.